Tamerlan `s notes about Talysh people – At the coast of Abasekun sea

I made may way to Talysh land after Gilan. It was talked about their men that They were so clever and powerful among the nations who live around Abeskun sea. I wanted to see that if they withstand to me. ?

I saw a country which had sharp differences form other countries of Abeskun sea when I entering to Talysh land. Talysh men and women were big and imposing and their men’s voice was so loud that men in different mountains could hear each other.Also the dogs was amazing me because they were so big and powerful that they could tow the cart as a horse. There lived many kinds of deer that they could carry different luggages by hooking up the deers to carts. But when I was there , Talysh people let the deer into forest and did not use them for carrying in spring and summer. In Talysh , I saw Hasham (Hamosham) city and the name of  leader of that city was Dai.  When Dai heard that I was approaching to the city, before entering to the city he went out to meet me and sacrificed a buffalo for me. Hasham city was small. During the meal they brought me deer boiled in its water. Afterwards I said to Dai to invite some Talysh men to test strengths with me. Dai replied: “ Emeer, I am asking for you to give up this wish because if you win it would not effect to your fame but if they win you then it would be disrespect to my dear and  honourabe guest. İ replied: “ Kind person, My intention is to test strength that I wanted to know do I have previous power or not.

Dai required and two men were brought with broad-shouldered and muscular hands. One of them was as tall as me but the other was a little short. I took of my outwear and pointed to the man who was as tall as me for in order to approach. I asked him if he could talk to me? He said something in Talysh language, but this language looked like persian language. I said him not to think me as an emeer and try to do best for wrapping up.

And so I held off my feet , handed out opening widely my finger and the fingers of that young boy consolidated with mine. In order to rules, the men who testing their strength, must bend the opponent’s hand by pressing and hitting it to knee.

My opponent tried to wrapping up my hand by all his best but couldn’t , and I pressed his hand slowly , and at last his hand reached in his knee. The fans either local people or my soldiers applauded loudly. My opponent – talysh said me: “You emeer, You are so powerful!”. I gave him some gold and made him happy.

After that, I wanted to test my strength with second opponent, but he said : “O emeer, my colleague is superior than me, you won him and you can overcame on me easily. I can’t contend with you.” I gave him gold too and released them.

The interesting future of Talysh lands was that here grew some big trees which had long and broad leaves. There is strange bough of those trees which had 200 green fruits on it and looked like thin cucumber. I had been told that the name of this tree was “shegereye mouz” (banana tree) and it lived only a year, and become emaciated , ruined after bearing fruit. Talysh people cut some of its hull and plant it to ground and the next year grew a new tree and bearing fruit.

I had not got so much time to be in this country that is why I couldn’t stay there. I would miss suitable time to march if i stagnated. I wanted to go to Baghdad and possess to  lands occupied by Hulaki khan. If i would go to Baghdad from directly Talysh , I would get into trouble on impassable mountains. In order to return from Talysh, I had to get out to east – to Qazvin along the coast of Abeskun sea and from there was a way to Baghdad.


I said to Dai, the leader of Hasham city that if he needed any help, ask for me immediately and I would hurry to help him , but If I couldn’t come , surely would send one of my commander to help. I had built two post tower to contact directly to Dai , though Talysh was not into the direction to Maverannahr and Kharazm.

Marcel Brion


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