“Mirhafiz Jafarzadeh is a victim of the tension between Iran and Azerbaijan”

Seyidali Jafarov says that his brother’s ideas are distorted

Relatives of Mirhafiz Jafarzade, who is currently in prison on charges of treason, say that he was slandered. Talking about this to Meydan TV, his brother Seyidali Jafarov claims that Mirhafiz Jafarzade actually cooperated with Iran. Azerbaijan is a victim of the strained relations between

Mirhafiz Jafarzadeh in November of this year imprisonment done. Against him A crime He was charged under Article 274 (treason) of the Code. In the official statement issued by the State Security Service (SSS) regarding the reason for his arrest, it is claimed that Mirhafiz Jafarzadeh is in Azerbaijan military specified the areas where the designated objects are located, and sent their location and other information to Iran. According to the indictment, he did this 2018He saw it on the basis of the instructions of Orkhan Mammadov, who has been wanted internationally since 2011 and is currently hiding in Iran. Tasks too Azerbaijan was against security and defense. In general, Orkhan Mammadov Iran it is emphasized in the statement that he is wanted in connection with crimes committed under the control of special services.

Mirhafiz Jafarzade’s images were also added to the official statement, where he states that Orkhan Mammadov and social communicated through the networks, that person once invited him to Iran:

“From me in Lankaran military asked about the base. I sent him the location.”

Seyidali Jafarov says that his brother’s ideas were distorted. According to him, Mirhafiz Jafarzadeh visited Iran many times:

“However, it is absurd to present this as working for Iran. My brother higher he is an educated person, an orientalist. He knows Arabic very well. He also knows the Persian language relatively well. He also went to Iran many times for trade purposes. Sometimes he also translated when someone needed it. My brother lived and started working in Russia. That is why Russia became a citizen…”.

Seyidali Jafarov says that in September 2021, when his brother returned to Russia from Azerbaijan, he was detained:

“They stopped him at the border and took him away. They told him that you are engaged in separatism. He also said that no, I said that there should be a textbook in Talysh language, if I have written something more than that, show me. Because there was no evidence, they released him at 3 o’clock at night.

According to Seyidali Jafarov, cooperation with him while detained offer done:

“They told my brother, ‘You work for us.’ They asked him to bring information about the well-known and faithful activists in Russia. My brother also said that “I am an old man, I am 56 years old, such actions are not suitable for me, it is a shame.” They put a “stop” on my brother’s exit from the country. In one year, they disturbed my brother 4 times, met him in different places, told him not to worry, the “stop” will be taken, “Tartar work“What’s wrong, etc. The last time my brother told them that even “Facebook“I don’t write anything either, I can’t do anything more than that…”.

His brother says that on November 11, in the morning, the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested Mirhafiz Jafarzadeh, as well as court they took the things in his house (computer, etc.) without his decision.

Social activist Rahim Shaliyev, who defends the rights of Mirhafiz Jafarzade, has been drawn to the attention of the DTX video materialtakes a He says that Mirhafiz Jafarzade’s speech was edited in that material, which can be seen by anyone who watches the video:

“What Mirhafiz Jafarzade talked about in the video military the base is not currently operational and is not a facility of state importance. Orkhan Mammadov also sent this information at the time To Azerbaijan did not make radical speeches against it. Since Mirhafiz’s thoughts were cut and edited, his words are not broadcast. According to the information I have, he himself says that this was old information, that the military base is not functioning, etc. Besides, there are dozens of information about that former military base in the media.

“The second issue is that the investigation is still going on, the evidence is still being collected, court by the state in the absence of a decision Azerbaijan There was an opinion in the public that Mirhafiz Jafarzade served foreign intelligence. This is against the principle of fairness of the court”, Rahim Shaliyev stressed.


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