The Historical Fact about Karabakh’s Talysh

These words are part of Abbasgulu Agha Bakikhanov’s novel “Gulustani Iram”. The work was written in 1841. It is clear in this section that the Gajaris send Garabagh Talishs to Shirvan. The part of the Karabakh Talyshs, which goes to war, is more than 20,000 people.

If the Talysh had 20,000 people in the army, this fact shows that the Talysh at that time at least 100,000 people in Karabakh. This proves that the Talysh lived in Karabakh and Karabakh along with the Turks, the Kurds, and the Armenians, was also the historical land of Talysh.

It is no coincidence that there are still many names of villages and places called “Talysh” in Garabagh. Most of the fighters in Karabakh were Talyshs. Most likely, Karabakh’s Talysh people gradually forgot their national identity and language.

We present you the following text:

“Abdul-Fattah Fumeni, who writes Gilan’s history, says: When Sultan Suleiman came to Khoy and Salmas, Gilan’s judge and Shah Tahmasib’s groom Amir Dubac-Muzaffar Sultan went to his side with 8,000 people. When he came back, judge of Guhdum Amir Hatem, who was fed with his blessing, attacked him and defeated him and plundered his army. After that, the people of Gilan turned away from him.

He went on a boat and went to Shirvan. Upon arriving in Shamakhi, it became clear that the Derbent judge and the king’s other groom, Muzaffar Sultani had died. He sent his brother Elqas, the Sultanate of Mantasha, a group of Gajar emissaries, strong army consist of 20000 Karabakh Talyshs, and Garchibashi Padar, to take Shirvan back in Hijri 945 = 1538).

They came to Shirvan. The Shirvanians did not bow down to them, fortified their fortress with experienced commanders and began defending themselves. The Kizilbash soldiers first took Surkhab and later Gabala Castle.

The prince appointed a group of troops to get the Gulustan fortress, which was the stronghold of the Shirvan fortress. He also turned to the Beygurd Castle, where Shahrukh was a scribe. Hussein Bey, the lawyer of the Shahrukh mirza, came up with a brave and courageous army. The wave of war in the Beygurd valley was flared. Hussein Bey was defeated and returned to the castle; began to defend.

After a four-month siege, the Sheki judge Dervish Mohammed Khan came to the aid of the Shirvanians. In order to shoot the Shabhon, he approached the Gizilbash army. The drum and the trumpet were played, and a group of guards and others came out to fight. Darwish Mohammad Khan gave many of his troops to death and returned without any work. The Shirvanians were unable to resist because they were helpless, and the rest were unable to defend themselves and sent news that if the king himself came, we would deliver the rest to him. The workers were given the job quality. Shah Tahmasib moved from Marand and came to the feet of the rest. The next day, along with the attorney Huseyn bey, Shirvan’s elders and officials, they brought the Shahrukh messenger to the king. They delivered keys to the castle and treasures. The Gulustan captain also came forward and delivered the rest. Attorney Hussein Bey was killed along with many other officers of Shirvan “.


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